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Moscow 2

Cities for People

Specialfeature_no2 Gehl Architects’ Public Space Public Life study of Moscow, which focuses on the central districts of Moscow City was made public on July 16. This ‘special report #2’ is the second of 3 posts which aims to incite dialogue around the challenges and opportunities facing the public realm in Moscow and other cities. Look for ‘special report #3’, coming soon, which will highlight findings and recommendations from the report.


Streets can invite for healthier lifestyles

A city with generous sidewalks, interconnected bike paths and green parks can incentivise people to exercise more. Moscow is currently working towards becoming a more walkable city.

By Stine Behrendtzen, journalist
Facts and findings are based on Gehl Architect’s report
‘Moscow — Towards a great city for people’


We ride cars instead of bikes. We take the elevator over the stairs. And at work, we sit still, except for the occasional run to the coffee machine.

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